The Future of the Workplace | IBT 2013

Panel-Diskussion im International Business Track DMS EXPO 2013 | Session  2 "The Future of the Workplace"
Mit Fragen und Antworten zum Thema "The Future of the Workplace" beschäftigten sich auf dem IBT International Business Track auf der DMS EXPO 2013 unter der Moderation von Dr. Kampffmeyer Cheryl McKinnon (Forrester, USA), Pamela Doyle (Fujitsu, USA), Lubor Ptacek (OpenText, Canada), Mika Mäkitalo (M-Files, Finland), Ulrich Leuthner (IBM, USA) und Richard Medina (Doculabs, USA).

IBT @DMSEXPO 2013, session (2): “The Future of … the Workplace” Several stimulus talks demonstrated different views for the office in the coming 10 to 20 years. It is no longer about the paperless office but about new forms of collaboration and communication, work from home and en route; the fate of email and other “old technologies”; new technologies that will provide new chances and challenges; and we need to find a new definition of what is “work” in the future – will our labor saved completely by automation?  Video on Youtube:


  • Dr. Ulrich Kampffmeyer, Managing Director, PROJECT CONSULT, Germany:  "Introduction" - "The Future of the Workplace"; Slides

Speakers and panelists

  • Cheryl McKinnon, Principal analyst, Forrester Research, USA: "Work is Not a Place – It’s What We Do" - “ECM decision-makers can learn from their peers in the world of web content management and customer experience management to deliver successful information apps to their business stakeholders, and must rethink how content management systems are deployed.”; Slides:
  • Pamela Doyle, Director, Fujitsu, USA: "The Capture Continuum" - “Capture has become the multi-dimensional, distributed on-ramp for all content. Going  forward Capture will incorporate advanced analytics, mobile,cloud,  and will facilitate tighter integration with LOB applications. This will extend capture’s role in support of on demand capture, big data initiatives and extending value to enterprise applications.”; Slides:
  • Lubor Ptacek, VP of Strategic Marketing, Open Text, Canada: "The future workplace is already available – let’s put it to work" - “Enterprises have to find a way to adapt disruptive industry trends like Cloud, Mobile, Social and BYOD to empower their employees and to be able to attract the best talent for staying competitive with the workplace of the future.”; Slides:
  • Miika Makitalo, General Manager, M-Files, Finland: "Dynamic Content Management:  Managing Information by "What" it is vs. "Where" it's Stored" - “Most ECM systems employ folder-based paradigms that are difficult to manage, resulting in inefficient searches, duplication of information and data loss, but businesses that leverage a dynamic content management approach benefit from a simpler and more precise "folder-less" approach for managing their information and processes.”; Slides:
  • Ulrich Leuthner, Director Marketing, IBM, USA: "Leverage content  to drive new insights and differentiated value" -  “Smarter Content solutions enable leading organizations to harness new insights from unstructured information to create differentiated value.“; Slides:
  • Richard Medina, Co-Founder & Principal Consultant, Doculabs, USA: "Workplace 2025: - The Reality TV Show" - “The successful mobile and social workplace in 2025 will: 1) have a baseline of adequacy in the new technologies, 2) have some solid mobile and social line-of-business applications (which I describe), and 3) will address the serious inefficiencies and risks of mobile and social.”; Slides: