The Future of the Information Society | IBT 2013

Panel-Diskussion im International Business Track auf der DMS EXPO 2013 | Session 3 "The Future of the Information Society" 
Im Rahmen des IBT Internation Business Track auf der DMS EXPO 2013 moderierte Dr. Kampffmeyer eine spannende Diskussion zum Thema "The Future of the Information Society". Mit dem Thema setzten sich Pamela Doyle (Fujitsu), Richard Medina (Doculabs), Lubor Ptacek (Open Text), Geert Kruiter (Document Boss), Andrew Graham (AIIM), Miika Makitalo (M-Files) und Cheryl McKinnon (Forrester Reserach) auseinander.

IBT @DMSEXPO 2013, session (3): “The Future of … the Information Society” Some short speeches warmed up for the panel discussion about the changes of our society. Issues like privacy and information protection, spying and chinese walls, dependency on the correctness and availability of information, changes in human behavior and even in our genetic setting. Is this all owed to technology change only? Is our generation fit for all these changes? Which responsibilities we have to adopt?  Video on Youtube:


  • Dr. Ulrich Kampffmeyer, Managing Director, PROJECT CONSULT, Germany:  "Introduction" - "The Future of the Information Society"; Slides

Speakers and panelists

  • Pamela Doyle, Director, Fujitsu, USA: "Change Management – “The Critical Component”" - “The future includes a parade of new technologies that are poised to transform life, business and the global economy.  Organizations must adopt these technologies to maintain a competitive advantage.  Successful deployment, however, can only be achieved if it is underpinned by a comprehensive change management program to address human behavior.”; Slides:
  • Richard Medina, Co-Founder & Principal Consultant, Doculabs, USA: "Safe Bets and Long Shots" - “This talk discusses several likely and less likely (but dramatic) trends, particularly those involving new technologies, new opportunities, and new risks.”; Slides:
  • Lubor Ptacek, VP of Strategic Marketing, Open Text, Canada: "The Future Upon Us" - Slides:


  • Geert Kruiter, VP Continental Europe, Document Boss, The Netherlands
  • Andrew Graham, Director Sales EMEA, AIIM, United Kingdom
  • Miika Makitalo, General Manager, M-Files, Finland
  • Cheryl McKinnon, Principal analyst, Forrester Research, USA