ECM: Whithersoever

ECM: Whithersoever

M-Files EMEA Partner Meeting

From Tuesday, September 8, 2015 till Friday, September 11, 2015 the annual M-Files EMEA Partner Meeting took place in Munich, Germany.

Dr. Ulrich Kampffmeyer enriched the meeting with an outstanding keynote with the title "ECM: Withersoever". Discussing the EIM market and trends, from ECM to EIM and beyond. Dr. Ulrich Kampffmeyer outlined the 12 challenges and digital transformation associated with EIM today.


1      State of The Art
        From ECM to EIM and Beyond

2      Twelve Challenges
2.1   Agile Content & the Death of the Traditional Document
2.2   Infrastructure and the Descent to the Foundations
2.3   Integration and the Disappearance from the Desktop
2.4   Mainstream and the Obliviousness of Traditional ECM Vendors
2.5   Mobile and the New Usage Paradigm
2.6   Natural Language and the Decline of the Keyboard
2.7   Multilinguality and the Importance of Metadata
2.8   Cloud and the End of On-Premise
2.9   Information Governance and its last Stronghold: Records Management
2.10 Automation and the Change of Work
2.11 Big Data and the Revolution of Search & Analytics
2.12 Ubiquity and the New Universe of Information

3      Digital Transformation
        The Impact on Earth, Society, Economy, Culture, and YOU


The slides are available here:

M-Files EMEA Partner Meeting
Bayern, München