Neuen Kommentar schreiben

Dear John,
it has been a long, long time that we met in person, but I enjoyed the discussions via phone, skype, and social media in the last years. Yes, you are right, the industry has undergone a major change. And I have seen AIIM struggling, which path to follow, which banner to rise. Driven by "sponsors" it is not always easy to develop and maintain an own strategy. Focussing on Information Management is in my point of view the right direction. And the acronym of our associations name, AIIM, really invites to change it to Association for Intelligent Information Management - as I posted some years ago. But the term "intelligent" carries as well some danger - what does "intelligence" mean? You cannot compare the abilities of software and robots with the concept of human intelligence. Machines "behave" in another way. They do not forget, they can make use of million-times more information, and by 2050, 2060 machines, software, will be more cognitive, more knowledgeable, even more interlectually "intelligent" than man - but never emotionally. 
We at PROJECT CONSULT decided some 9 years ago to focus on "Information Management" as the term everybody could understand, and accept as the umbrella term for our industry. I think, to introduce Content Services is no good approach at all. I still believe in the overall aspects of Strategies, Methods and then Technology. Content Services is not the banner, which users and vendors alike will gladly follow. Content Services carries no vision. And the fast, rapid progress of the development of new technologies and the changes in business and society make it necessary to really create a new vision. AIIM is in need of such a vision. And Information Management could be that vision.
OK, this could be an isolated view from good old Germany (yes, most of my publications are disregarded because I write in German language mainly, even in the AIIM community, but I believe that the movement towards Information Management inside AIIM will grow. And I am glad to support this together with you, John. 
Many thanks,