Neuen Kommentar schreiben

My collegue David Jones, Director of Product Marketing at Nuxeo, was preparing a new summary of the discussion about ECM & Content Services, and asked me, to provide some statements for his review. They should be short to be used as citations in an article. My comments (edited and typos removed):

  • "Content Services makes no sense as ECM industry identification because there is already a content services industry providing content for websites and portals."

  • "Content Services is no good term because it focusses on functionality and technology. ECM instead was about vision, strategies and methods and not only about tools."

  • "Content Services is not a banner to rallye for users and industry alike - it carries no vision for the digital future."

  • "Information management is the right term because everythin is about digital information and communiication. It makes no sense at all to name solutions by the content they handle. The differentiation between structured and unstructured content is gone. Modern solutions must must be able to handle all types of information!"

  • "Going for Intelligent Information Management is the right direction for AIIM. It opens up for the new challenges and chances by automation, artificial intelligence, analytics, BI and digital transformation".

  • "ECM is not dead, it is transforming and gets enriched by new technologies. We are still in a need for strategies to handle enterprise information and to govern information".

  • "Content Services drives information management into the depths of technical infrastructure where it looses visibility for endusers and relevance for executivess. ECM had more visibility and more relevance for the CIO."

  • "Technology is here, ECM is matur. We need more focus on cultural, social, organizational issues. AIIMs ECM definition shows the way - ECM is about Strategies and Methods!"

  • "Information Management and Information Governance are essentiell to survive in the information flood!. At PROJECT CONSULT we are focussing for the last 20 years on these real challenges of information management."

  • "Content Services is just a helpless try to create a new view on an industry which lost focus and direction. But instead of such an synthetic market segmentation we need a new vision for the future."

  • "ECM was always about services if you look on the definition of Enterprise Content Management in early 2001. So content services is just a reduction, unnecessary and with no relevance for user communities!"

  • "As long as we still need to educate managers to get rid of paper in business processes it makes no sense to use up energy discussing new industry terms and acronyms!"

So let's see, what ended up in Dave's article.